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Odd Future, the future

Odd Future was on Jimmy Fallon last week. Ill performance. Im sure somebody shit themselves in the studio while watching them. These kids (all under 21) are bringing a much needed violent energy to a younger hiphop audience.  Murdery, rapey, dark and angry.  Its nothing that hasnt been done before, but theyre doing it their way.  No pansy, soft core shit here. To me, Odd Future is what Nirvana was to hair metal.  All of this spandex jeans and spaceboots pussy shit has got to fucking stop.  You look like you got jizzed on in a skittle orgy.  Youre as tough as spaghetti. Wolf Gang is here. Whats crazy is that theyre doing it 1000% on their own.  Independent as fuuuuuuuuck! Crazy that after that performance and sold out shows,  theyre still trekking on a bus. How did Tyler feel about the bus bullshit? "...I'd rather do a fuckin song with Drake" - Tyler OFWGKTA Combat Jack from The Source has been supporting them heavily for months. *I first heard about them on his radio show* I asked him why he supported them so much and here's what he had to say...

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