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Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando, FL

Dj Craze: "NO PICTURES!!!.............................jk" We got to the stadium and met up w/Dj Klever.  I had met him a few weeks back when he was down here working w/Craze on some music. Klever is a cool fukkin dude for real.  We started drankin as soon as we got there 6pm'ish and it was downhill/uphill? from there. That depends on your perception of space and time.  I wont speak for anybody else but by 8pm I was focked up, bro.

Dj Klever There were SO many pretty girls too and it was an 18+ event so it was green light everything.  Klever's was the first set we caught as the sun came down.  By the time he was done  everybody was feeling the groove and the crowd had built up .   I have to mention the sound was fuckin incredible.  It was crystal clear and the bass kicked like a surprise mule kick to the chest from a mile away. BOOOOOOM BITCH!

(bottom) Dj Klever, (top) Jake Jefferson, Dj Craze, Danny United, Flipz - Rok The Spot

Full Electric Daisy Carnival photo gallery click here...

12th Planet, Skrillex, Dirtyphonics, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Downlink, Datsik, Armanni Reign, Goldie and more!

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