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well worth the party hoppin (original post 4/6/09)


kelly which could'nt have been more random. i was hoping i'd see her but didnt expect her to be out here. she's pretty awesome =) also met a cute colombian (bogota) girl but her friends came n stole her away.ghey.met some cool chi-town peoples. apparently there ARENT gangs everywhere in chicago, so im not as afraid to vist anymore. The party was fukkin dope! The overall vibe, the hot-ass warehouse, fog, lights (i felt like i was in J-Lo's video) and the bass was bummmmpin. AND free drinks were still a'flowin. Rusko was throwin down DnB when we got back but it stopped right when we got back.fuck. Im not 100% sure who was mc'ing for him but that cat RIPPED IT !!! he's got party rockin down with no problem. Diplo. he knows how to make it do what it do. The crowd was lovin it. Lil Jon came from out the cut to amp up the crowd. man, what a hype ass party. more free beer!!! Personally, this jam was beyond a success. We opted out on heading to the beach to see the Roots cuz i'd dealt with enough beach douchebaggery for one week. Plus, why the fuck were we gonna leave, this was the pajama jammy jam. Toy Selectah came on after Diplo and it looks like he was gonna finish demolishing the place to be.but the muh'fukkin police shut down the party like 3 minutes into his set. but the damage had been done. what a fukkin dope party. Mad Decent rolls through your town, get with the program.

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