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Im FROM Miiiiami Bitch !!! (original post 4/2/09)


Keep It Gully) and Q. it wasnt bad its just that i expected a rowdier party vibe. errrbody was just kind mingling and walking around. I think it def. had to potential to turn into a no pants party. it was also breezy as fuck, it got miami cold but some peoples were still doin their thing in swimsuits. oh and right before we were about to depart i ran into Evan, she gave me a drank, called "poison". very suitable name, its basically str8 vodka with red dye. I didn't see Kill the Noize and my homeboys were upset cuz they didnt get to see Tittsworth. oh well. I heard it cost hundreds of $ just to get a spot next to the pool, and about $1k to get a cabana?!?!?! that there info reassured me that this was indeed a Bad Boys II scenario and that somewhere on that rooftop a massive coke deal was underway. up next...


Craze's set. I also missed B-Traits and that's probly the only dj i REALLY wanted to see this year. Last year she caused quite a stir on ze'internets cuz nobody had really heard of her and she spun at ultra. and well,she fukkin ripped it! some dumbfucks thought she only got to where she is cuz shes cute. I dont care how she got to where she is (but she is co-signed by Shy FX ) but let it be known, shes dope as fuk. i saw her spin once more at the contagious show a few days later. shes a super sweet girl and knows what shes doin on the decks. Soooo when i saw the flyer i thought it'd be a good idea to hook her up with one of my shirts. I also gave one to mc Tali, whom i hadnt seen perform live, ever. shes dope n shes really nice too. she was amped cuz she had just bought some kicks that matched the shirt =) Tali said she'd rock the shirt @ World of DnB. I didnt make it out but i hope she did.

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